Focusing on producing and always understands your requirement

Being China’s Famous Engineering Plastic Enterprise,

Jinhang sticks to the ground and makes process step by step ,year by year. 

With 20 years of experience, Jinhang becomes engineering plastic industry’s model
all because Jinhang believes in “No Pain, No Gain”

20 years of hard work of Jinhang , urges Jinhang to never stop building its legacy

      Every piece of product( including material , technology and production) , they are all achievements of engineers by establishing them little by little. Jinhang adopts 5S modern management system , thus pushes the management to be more initiative and creative. The research center ,which consists of material engineer , process engineer and mechanic , is full of cooperative , votive and elaborate.

      Thanks to the hard-working workers, modern production equipment and strict quality control management system , Jinhang becomes a powerful competitor in this industry.

Jinhang, by its high-quality and high cost-effective ,won good reputation from more than 1,300 customers worldwide.

      And because of the spirit of persistence and strive for excellence, so we can leave solid footprint along the industry development modernization and its completed facility construction within two decades  



       Jinhang established the factory and introduced high-end production equipment ,
                  and invested 1.2million Yuan to build a platform for product research and inspection

       Jinhang debugged machines ,ran trial production, then started the production in Dec. 

       Jinhang signed a technology cooperation agreement with SRICI
                  (Shanghai Research Institute Of Chemical Industry)

       Jinhang set up the “International Trade Apartment” to explore the international market

       Jinhang participated Multi-national Industrial Product Exhibition in Beijing

       Jinhang is awarded National products Quality 3.15 Credit Enterprise

       Jinhang signed technology development cooperation agreement with polymer material
                  and engineering speciality of Sichuan University

       Jinhang is awarded”Integrity management enterprise” by CPC Anyang’s
                  Municipal Committee propaganda department & indu
strial and commercial administration

       Jinhang passed CE, and successfully entered the Euramerican Market

Jinhang introduced a new plate production line with new Siemens
                  auto temperature control system 

Jinhang participated 2014 Central Asia (Kazakhstan) Industrial Products Trade Fair
       Jinhang became a Council Members of “Chinese UHMWPE-ISA strategic alliances” 

        Enterprise culture: faithful and grateful

        Be faithful to the enterprise -- do what enterprise wants to do.

        Be faithful to the career-- take full responsibility and be serious about everyday

        Be faithful to the colleague--always work together ,be cooperative , loving and sharing ,
       to show team-work spirit

        Be faithful to the clients--hold to all promises , stay advancing and superior quality

        Be grateful to the enterprise:

        Be grateful to the platform provided by the enterprise

        Be grateful to the trust and support of customer 

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