Material:UHMWPE  Dimension:5mm-300mm Min. Order Quantity: 10 pcs Port:Tianjin or Qingdao  Payment Terms:  T/T,Western Union,Paypal,L/C

  UHMWPE Lining is a kind of engineering plastics with excellent properties, which has excellent properties such as impact resistance, high wear resistance, non adhesive material, corrosion resistance and so on. It can effectively prevent the congestion and bond in the coal bunker, and be widely used in many industries such as steel, coal, cement, metallurgy, power, ship industry,etc.

Tolerate 1000000 scour

Perfect and durable, the service life of 10 years or more

  UHMW-PE plate with ultra high molecular weight polyethylene as the main material has excellent self lubricity, wear resistance and anti-aging properties. It can withstand coal powder material 1000000 times erosion, and is stable and reliable. Its service life is more than 10 years.





UHMWPE Linning

Excellent quality

20 years focus on quality of UHMW-PE, Services on more than 1000 well-known domestic and foreign enterprise

  We are the first brand in the costume installation of UHMW-PE plates. It is a choice of fortune 500 companies including: PetroChina, Sinopec, Huaneng Power, China Resources Group, Datang Group, Henan Coal, Shanxi coking coal, etc.



Advanced technology

100% pure new raw materials

  UHMW-PE plates are manufactured by advanced manufacturing technology and process, 100% pure new raw materials, which has high molecular weight, better wear resistance. Because the production UHMW-PE plates are manufactured numerical control hot press automatic control system, the plate is more smooth, bright and clean.

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Fast delivery, Global distribution

  In order to ensure that any area in the world can quickly receive our product. Henan Jinhang company has opened a fast delivery channel for customers, and professional delivery. We have established a stable relations of cooperation and with well-known domestic and foreign shipping companies, which can provide the safest, most efficient transportation services according to the different needs of customers and transportation distance.