The plastic slider block is made up of UHMW-PE, which has many excellent properties, including low friction coefficient, self-lubrication and maintenance-free, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, great bearing capacity, anti-aging, etc. It can eliminate all kinds of hazards caused by the local high pressure due to track irregularities, and especially be suitable for heavy sliding of bridge incremental launching and other industries.

Long Service Life

More than 1 million times to slide

  The famous brand of plastic slider processing customization.The priority selection of world famous enterprises such as China Petroleum, MITSUBISHI heavy industries, CITIC Heavy Industries, etc.

Plastic slider





Excellent quality

20 years focus on quality of UHMW-PE, Services on more than 1000 well-known domestic and foreign enterprise

  We are the first brand in the costume installation of UHMW-PE plates. It is a choice of fortune 500 companies including: PetroChina, Sinopec, Huaneng Power, China Resources Group, Datang Group, Henan Coal, Shanxi coking coal, etc.



German manufacturing 


100% pure new raw materials

  The plastic slider is prepared by advanced manufacturing technology and process, made of 100% pure new raw materials from domestic and foreign famous factories , which has high molecular weight and better wear resistance.

Plastic slider


Plastic slider

Fast delivery, Global

  Henan Jinhang company has opened a fast delivery channel for customers, and established a stable cooperation with well-known domestic and foreign professional transport companies, which can ensure that any area in the world can quickly receive our product.