Henan Jinhang ,focusing on uhmwpe idler,always be better” for 20 years .

    uhmwpe idler adopts 100% pure new UHMWPE material ,bearing is from famous factory,like LYC, HRB,SKF,NSK.By precision machining ,every uhmwpe idler can be ensured to be the best.

    uhmwpe idler from Jinhang possesses the following properties :high wearability ,anti-corrosion,dust-protect, rotary flexible, maintenance free,long service time and etc,which widely applied in the conveying system of multi inductries ,like coal ,cement,steel, electricity, chemistry ,coking and etc

ground protection mat

Service life reaches more than
3 years

    Durable for more than 3,000 hours of rotatry,long service time

    uhmwpe idler, the surface adopts 100% UHMWPE material,famous bearing brand possessing excellet performance:highly self-lubrication,good wearability, and anti-aging .Rotaty flexible makes it stands 3,000 hours of rotatry,and reliable
up to 3

uhmwpe idler-Jinhang Plastics


uhmwpe idler-Jinhang Plastics

Better than Metal roller

    Light    Mute    Rain-protect    Reduce belt wearability

    Light hardness on the surface.low friction coefficient ,and high self-lubrication can done zero abrasion on the belt.When it meets rain,ice,acid and alkali,it’s corrosion-free.What’s more, because of its light weight makes it easy to install,and for its noise-free during rotating,it can purify the working environment.


Staying in the top of quality

    20 years focusing on quality,serving thousands of major

    Famous uhmwpe idler brand,provide service to thousands of
customer with all sorts of standard and nonstandard roller.

uhmwpe idler-Jinhang Plastics


uhmwpe idler Assembly Diagram

uhmwpe idler-Jinhang Plastics

uhmwpe idler Technical Parameter





Running resistance



Cylindrical radial run out

0.5-1.5 D. Of roller


 Roller bearing capacity



Axial displacement amount



Draining water content


uhmwpe idler delivery-Henan Jinhang

Fast delivery,globe distribution 

    [Henan Jinhang] open up a fast delivery passageway with professional delivery transportation, thus ensuing that every
regional in the world have access to quick receive
service among another quality service.
    According to the different requirement and transportation
distance, we provide the most safest and efficient transport service .We choose the most qualified express companies for fast delivery , like S . F . Express, Fedex, XB and etc.


Diretcly sale channel, saving money for you

uhmwpe idler wholesale-Jinhang Plastics

We thankful to all customers support in 20 years

They all choose Henan Jinhang
Continuous advancing and improving brings us more than 

1 thousand of major enterprises at home and abroad

Henan Jinhang has been took participate in all major engineering project 

you can think about in China

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