Focusing on skating rink floor, 20 Years of Highy Quality

    Jinhang Plastic from China,professional skating rink floor manufacturer with 20 years of experience.We
keep improving the skating rink floor to make it more durable and energy-saving .For all those years ,
we devoted ourselevs to high quality,reasonable price and thoughtful service ,and so far we have more than
1300 customers around the world choosing our products,which we are proud and grateful.

    We are thankful for all customers for their support ,and we will keep forward.

skating rink floor

    Convenient installation ,and easy to disassemble
    Flexible installation site, can be adjusted optionally
    Electricity free, low cost
    Pro-environment ,no pollution and low noise.
    Maintenance free, no need for wax & lubricating oil
    Long service life ,reaches to more than 10 years

Why choosing us 

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