gf nylon sheet
Material:  Fiberglass NylonDimension:  1200mm*700mm*(3-100mm)Min. Order Quantity:  10 pcsPort:  Tianjin or QingdaoPayment Terms:  T/T,Western Union,Paypal,L/C

product Description 

gf nylon sheet description    
gf nylon sheet, a promoted nylon sheet.Other than the previous advantages, like light weight, high stiffness, self-lubrication,wear-resistence, corrision resistence , insulation and etc, gf nylon sheet is more evolved in foloowing :higher heat resistence, higher toughness and  creep resistant, higher dimensional stability and wear resitence. All the evolved performance makes the gf nylon sheet better applied in chemical machines, gear in corrosion resistence machines , guiding rail, wear-resistence parts, transmission structure parts , auto manufacturer parts and etc .It has the following advantages:

      high wear-resistence

      good mechanical strength and stiffness

      Excellent mechanical machining performance

      high temperature resistence

     Excellent chemical resistence properties


gf nylon sheet

Parameter of gf nylon sheet







tensile strength



elongation at break



compression strength



Impact strength



Bending strength



Water absorption



Distortion temperature


Application of gf nylon sheet


(1)Steel industry: gf nylon sheet can be applied as mixed material bunker, mixed material machines liner and etc

(2)Machines, heavy industries : gf nylon sheet can be applied as wear-resistence strips , sliding blocks, axle shelve, gears , cam , impeller and etc

(3)Paper-making business : main products are vacuum suction box and etc

(4)Textile industries:gf nylon sheet can be applied as gear, cotton roll and etc

(5)Ceramic industries : gf nylon sheet can be applied as wheel and etc

(6)Beverage industries: gf nylon sheet can be applied as guide, cam and etc


Jinhang gf nylon sheet advantage 2Jinhang gf nylon sheet advantage 4

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