Installation of UHMWPE Sheet  For Datang group luoyang power plant  
2 * 300000 KW generator set 

      Our plant for coal system ofcoal has been blocked and bridging phenomenon in the original production, coal in the condition of wet is particularly acute of rainy season, seriously affectedthe normal operation of production.inorder to ensure the normal operation, the need to manually unchoke, difficultyis great.Before March 2010overhaul to have know a kind of high polymer polyethylene material not stickycoal, decided to try. out.Let Jinhangengineering plastics company in our factory 1 # coal bunker for theinstallation of UHMWPE Sheet , after 12 months of observation, not sticky coal,not hang coal, not clogging, workers didn't manually unchoke, successfullysolved a difficult problem in production. In April 2011 ourfactory 2-6 # coal bunker and the unit of coal with UHMWPE Sheet respectively.