As an international salesman ,we all aware that customers need to pay customs fees when import. JInhang plastic, the nylon sheet manufacturer , always concerns the interest of customer, owes the money they spend.

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     Recently , JInhang plastic--excellent nylon sheet manufacturer, made a deal with a customer from Australia for nylon sheet of $10,000. We leanrned that Australia is one of the countries in bilateral agreement entitles to reduce import fees from the meeting we attened in Anyang . Before delivery ,our customer didnot ask about any CO, while based on increasing their profit and see them as friends , we offered the CE at cost of ¥100 to help him reduce 5% of import fees ($600). He was very impressed and decided to build the long strategic cooperation with us as their permanent supplier for nylon sheet.
To be honest , it is our duty to put our feet in your shoes and provide the max profit .We are very proud to be helpful in all respects . Jinhang plastic , a major nylon sheet manufacturer , alwayes treat our customer as friends at the first place . With your trust , we have all the confident to produce the best products , to improve the technic , to reduce energy consumption and lower costs.We will keep moving forward to meet your trust.
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