On November 16, provincial department of commerce survey group accompanied by the city and county business bureau survey and research our company's e-commerce operations development.

   Survey group to visit our company's electronic commerce operation, and the scene of UHMWPE Sheet electronic commerce sales for the inspection and guidance.Then the second conference room to listen to the general manager in the company overall report about the company's electronic commerce.UHMWPE Sheet manufacturer

    Jinhang Plastics is an ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, nylon and other engineering plastics products research and development manufacturing industry enterprises.Tsinghua university, UHMWPE Sheet strategic cooperative enterprise, Chinese UHMWPE new material director unit of strategic alliance.Over the years our company in the cities and counties in business bureau care and guidance, the companies adhere to the electronic commerce "the coordinated development of domestic electricity + cross-border electricity systematic operation mode", and achieved good sales performance.
     Provincial department of commerce leadership in after listen to the report, the development of e-commerce for my company gives full affirmation, also gave us some new ideas and guidance.Hope we put the field of vision is open, to further increase the intensity of electric business development, further innovation electrical business model, make our company's high-quality UHMWPE Sheet faster occupy more market share at home and abroad.

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