December 9th, 2016, Taiwan customer, Mr. Dong specially to our business investigation, negotiate cooperation in the case of UPE irregular parts.Our Chairman and foreign trading mananage Mr Niu warmly welcome and lead the customer to visit our company. In UPE resin raw material warehouse, UPE sheet production workshop and UPE irregular parts machine processing workshop ,to watch our UPE sheet production and UPE rregular parts. After the technical exchanges, business communication,for our UPE materials technology, production capacity, technology level, scientific management, innovative thinking, spoke highly of the time for the high degree of trust .And signed on the spot the first batch 50000 PCS UPE irregular parts of the order contract, pay a deposit, and signed a long-term friendly strategic cooperation agreement.

UPE irregular parts visit

As the Tsinghua University UHMWPE material technology only technology transfer and strategic cooperation manufacturers, as UPE sheet and UPE irregular parts of ultra-high cost-effective manufacturers, the Taiwan customer as we are the only UPE special nvestigate of key manufacturers. In this visit the UPE resin raw material warehouse, and Mr. Dong of Taiwan customer, gave a high degree of certainty to the reduction of the cost of raw materials. In the UPE sheet production workshop, We live demonstration of UPE plate under heavy hammer percussion strong impact resistance, test the product high self-lubrication and wear-resisting performance, get customers high evaluation;In the UPE irregular parts of machine processing workshop, our large-scale CNC engraving machine, gantry milling, drilling, grinding machines, and so on, and other high-end products, such as high-quality products. More than 30 sets of advanced processing equipment appreciation. In the process of technical exchange, Mr. Dong put forward the abrasion resistance of the UPE irregular parts to the sand in the sewage treatment equipment. Our aim is to use the environment and special needs, combined with the latest UPE technological achievements of Tsinghua University, Recommend High cost-effective of UPE irregular parts of material, wear resistance can increase by 40% or more, the service life can be increased by 50% or more, the program greatly reduces the frequency of customer replacement, reduce customer use and staff maintenance costs, customers get great satisfaction . Our stick to in a win-win situation, the rapid development of strategic thinking, giving customers the largest concession space, then signed on the spot UPE irregular parts contract , signed a long-term friendly strategic cooperation agreement.

      We always take the interests of customers as the starting point, and constantly find the real needs of mining customers, bold and innovative, pragmatic and efficient,to solve the problem, with the attitude of excellence, awe-inspiring customers each To provide customers with the most practical, durable, cost-effective products, integrity management, attention to communication, so we in a short span of a few years by leaps and bounds rapid development, UPE irregular parts of customers in 30 domestic provinces and cities Autonomous regions and overseas 26 countries and regions, the highest rate of use of UPE irregular parts of the brand, a well-known Chinese professional manufacturers UPE irregular parts synonymous! 

UPE irregular parts detail