In Lunar New Year, tsinghua university professor Hu Ping to visit and guide our synthetic ice rink R&D, and to our company to give constructive guidance for UHMWPE synthetic ice rinks, to enhance the technological level of our synthetic ice rinks, as well as a positive and far-reaching effect to the promotion of quality control,Jinhang Plastics, a famous Chinese synthetic ice rink manufacturer with more perfect product quality, higher cost-effective of service by the user, the fear of the customer pay every penny, save cost for every customer, For the 2017 annuity course comprehensive health rapid development lay the foundation of the company, Make a greater contribution to the company's in response to the rise of central China strategy. 

professor Huping visit and guide our synthetic ice rink
    Jinhang plastics, high quality synthetic ice rink manufacturer, tsinghua university is the only strategic cooperation manufacturer of UHMWPE material, tsinghua university, uhmwpe material teaching research and development base, the two sides have more than 20 years of close cooperation, has the fraternal friendship.Responded to an appeal by the country in 2016, tsinghua university, a comprehensive open synthetic ice rink of global research and development projects.Jinhang plastics, again as the sole partner of tsinghua university, to the world more than 30 well-known media recommendation synthetic ice rink project, and achieved a complete success, thus opens up a more comprehensive in-depth cooperation with tsinghua university with Jinhang plastics, has become the only in central China, tsinghua university to foster enterprise cooperation, technical resources sharing, open the new mode of cooperation between colleges and enterprise, scale within five years is expected to turn a few times, drive the local employment, promote local taxation, to promote local improvement and rapid economic development has a positive role.
    Jinhang plastics, large synthetic ice rink manufacturer is the best stage for enterprise development.Facing the opportunity, we must take a more positive enthusiasm and more rigorous, serious, excelsior attitude to meet new opportunities and challenges.We firmly believe that we will improve the material and spiritual civilization double harvest of enterprises, create a multi-win situation of the worker, enterprise, society, create greater value for customers, and comprehensively improve enterprise the efficient and orderly work of various aspects, so as to become the industry benchmarking, become synonymous with high cost-effective products, become more truly satisfy customer demand, become the industry's most influential brand!
synthetic ice rink manufacturer detail