Jinhang plastic,excellent and famous nylon shaped parts supplier ,have experience of production and research in the field of over20 years.February 4th, 2017,Mr. Dong , Taiwan client,came to our factory and inspect the 10000 nylon shaped parts with orders last month. It is satisfied with nylon shaped parts very much after check drawing and measure by special tools. what is more,  we are awarded Quality Supplier for Taiwan clients and negotiate strongly to cooperation with in the future base on quality and reputation of jinhang plastic. 

nylon shaped parts customer

JINHANG plastic , special nylon shaped parts supplier,The nylon sheet our provide use to 100% virgin MC polyamide material and advance European skill which have made by large CNC hot press machine.with the strength of MC nylon sheet our product is friction coefficient up to 0.13 and lubricity increases over 30% ,as well as improve 35% of abrasion resistance and lifespan add to more than 50%.

nylon shaped parts

        nylon shaped parts in jinhang plastic is widely use for mechanical parts processing. such as, heavy and light industry,paper, packaging automotive, chemical and pharmaceutical and so on . It is well reputation at home and abroad we always intended to provide unparalleled quality with affordable cost.

jinhang plastics of nylon shaped parts supplier,who always dedicated to improve technical strength and perfect service is satisfied with required of customer and market,which have attained our ultimate goal as the industry benchmark and  hundreds-year-old classic enterprises .Our work today is to establish the basis for multi-win situation tomorrow.

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