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    Mc nylon sheet is a good product  of plastic instead of steel, high abrasion resistance, impact resistance, self-lubrication, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance and so on good performance, become the one of the most widely used engineering plastics, as a representative of the professional manufacturer of mc nylon sheet,Jinhang plastic based on years of research and development of production application experience, the five main the performance and application of the mc nylon sheet,shall be analysed and let the customers have a clearer understanding of mc nylon sheet, the right of choose and buy products have a clearer cognition:

mc nylon sheet

    One, unmodified mc nylon sheet, color is ivory white, properties and performance of nylon 66 is very close to, its comprehensive performance is good, high strength, stiffness and hardness, creep resistant, wear-resisting, heat-resistant ageing, machining performance is good, widely used in wear-resistant parts processing.

    Two.MC901 nylon sheet, the modified mc nylon sheet, color is blue, high than ordinary mc nylon toughness, good flexible, fatigue resistance, is an ideal material to gear, rack and drive gear.

    Three, PA6 oil nylon sheet, color is green, is a veritable self-lubricating nylon, is specially designed for manufacturing cannot lubrication, high load and low speed parts and development, greatly widened the application range of nylon, it is generally low friction coefficient of nylon (50% reduction) and wear resistance was improved (10 times) can be improved.

    Four, PA6 disulfide nylon sheet, color is ash black, containing disulfide powder, can be in does not affect the unmodified mc nylon resistance to impact and fatigue resistance at the same time, improve the bearing capacity and wear resistance, it is widely used to make gears, bearings, the star wheel, and sets.
   Five, the PA6 solid lubricant nylon plate,  containing solid lubricant, the material has self lubrication, excellent friction resistance, outstanding ability of abrasion resistance and pressure speed (5 times higher than ordinary cast nylon).Especially suitable for high speed running, unable to lubrication of moving parts, is the perfect complement of oil-bearing nylon.

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