UHMWPE Sheet has gradually won general recognition of the customers, we can see it in every industry, but it requires that we must strict production work out high quality goods, the UHMWPE Sheet process should pay attention to what are the main issues, the following details for you:


      First of all, UHMWPE sheet  forming temperature on product quality, when should pay attention to specific central control mold temperature slightly lower than temperature at both ends.There should be uniform and stable temperature conditions to assist;Die lip spacing should be equal to or slightly less than the thickness of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene plate, ensure uniform and stable temperature extrusion velocity of molten capacity is steady pressure and minimum thickness of longitudinal error value between the lining board.Injection mold temperature control to stabilize the temperature too high or low will affect the speed of the flow of the molten material, the molding of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene plate thickness will produce a larger error.High temperature, easy to decompose, melting will have bubbles in lining board;At low temperature plate surface is dark, not smooth.

      UHMWPE sheet is mainly the process should pay attention to the items, we must according to the instructions for the correct operation, so that its performance fully show, if you what don't understand when operating, welcome to consult us timely.

UHMWPE Sheet detail