Jinhang Plastics, is a 20 years experience in research and development production of PA6 nylon sheet manufacturers, our PA6 nylon sheet with excellent performance, high cost-effective, perfect service for more than 1300 at home and abroad customer's trust and favor, in recent years has been rapid sales growth, showing a good momentum of development!

   As a professional PA6 nylon sheet manufacturer, we found recently in the international market intermediaries, pure pursuit of low-cost products, with two-thirds of the market price even half bought back to the material, other material of fake and shoddy products, quality and after-sale disputes, has brought great economic losses.Jinhang Plastics, high-quality PA6 nylon sheet manufacturers, Warm reminder customer you get what you pay for, don't to covet wise, pound foolish.

PA6 nylon sheet

    Pure new material PA6 nylon sheet color is white or light yellow, clean smooth surface, without mechanical impurity and uniform appearance, density between 1.15 to 1.2, has excellent wear resistance, self-lubrication, corrosion resistance, anti-aging and good machining performance.Back to the nylon material plate products, color is not pure, poor surface finish, the density is higher than pure new material nylon sheet by more than 20%, wear resistance, self-lubricating performance is poor, poor machining performance, scrap rate is high.Other non PA6 nylon material, especially common plastic density is usually lower than 1, toughness, rigidity, wear resistance performance is poor, not suitable for machining.

    Jinhang Plastics, a famous China PA6 nylon sheet manufacturer, our nylon sheet using 100% pure new nylon material, adopts advanced technology from Germany, with excellent equipment and scientific process to made.Do corporate conscience, wholeheartedly for customer service enterprise is Jinhang Plastics unchanged commitment to customers.Product quality is our life, reputation is our power.Progress in the face of customers, we keep improving, can live up to the customer's trust and treasure every penny of the customer to pay!

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