In recent years, Europe and the United States and other developed countries is very popular entertainment fitness programs on the ice.Synthetic ice rink due to its low construction cost and maintenance cost, gradually became the "darling" of the international market, demand presented spurt of growth.Jinhang Plastics, as well-known synthetic ice rink manufacturer in China, in the past two years in the international market sales volume ramping up, increasing market share and reputation greatly ascend, become one of the most popular in the international market brand, been recognized by more and more widely in the international market.

    Why Jinhang Plastics synthetic ice rink best-selling international market?The answer is nothing more than professional and technology, Process,price, service five keywords.
synthetic ice rink

    Professional, Jinhang Plastics is China's earliest and Tsinghua University only of UHMWPE material technology transfer, has more than 20 years of experience in research and development production,UHMWPE sheet, adopted by the synthetic ice rink,Jinhang Plastics with domestic top level.

    Technology, Jinhang Plastics as synthetic ice rink of the Tsinghua University latest scientific research and technology only cooperation enterprise,our synthetic ice rink is the third generation technology revolution achievement products, add nano fixed-line and self lubricating factor slow-release technology, has better wear resistance, self-lubrication, its performance is close to the true ice to the greatest extent.According to the international professional organization performance test, the overall performance of products have more than many European and American countries, reached the world leading level.

     Process,Jinhang Plastic synthetic ice rink used the German advanced technology, 100% pure UHMWPE resin as raw materials (molecular weight 3.5-5 million), used large CNC mould machine mechanism into UHMWPE sheet, then through a variety of machining equipment, precision processing and become, thus the maximum guarantee the product quality.

    Pirce,Jinhang Plastics synthetic ice rink internal tapping, saving energy and reducing consumption, improve efficiency, reduce the cost.meanwhile, our has always been customer oriented, always thought that customers create greater value for oneself, really fear the customer pay every penny, let our synthetic ice rink has better cost-effective.

    Service,wholeheartedly for customer service as the enterprise idea of Jinhang Plastics, truly "zero defect, zero error, zero excuse", build 24 hours service mechanism, establish the overall service awareness, improve service quality.

    Jinhang Plastics, high quality synthetic ice rink manufacturers, in the face of popular a good trend of the international market, we are going to keep improving, more progress on the spirit of synthetic ice rink products for customers ,to create a better synthetic ice , so as to live up to the great trust of customers, in order to let us in an impregnable position in the increasingly fierce competition!

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