UHMWPE plate is a very wide range of applications, cost-effective engineering plastics. Jinhang Plastics, as Tsinghua University ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene material of the only technology transfer manufacturers, with superb technology & perfect quality to lead the industrial development of 20 years, has exclusive insight of the UHMWPE plate.

     In recent years, with the introduction of UHMWPE material technology together with the rapid rise of some machinery industry, UHMWPE plate of this engineering plastics has become a bright star on the market, especially application on automotive, chemical, food , Medical,machinery wear parts, it contributes that UHMWPE plate has been became the preferred material.

UHMWPE plate

     Jinhang Plastics, China's well-known UHMWPE plate manufacturers with more than 1.5 million ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene resin as raw materials, is made in the ultra-high pressure molding environment. Ultra-high molecular weight posses the compact material structure, greatly wear resistance of materials, self-lubricating, ultra-high pressure molding technology, which make the material performance to the ultimate grade. According to the authority of the test, UHMWPE plate friction coefficient is the nylon plate and POM board 1/2; friction loss is nylon board 1/5, HDPE board and PVC board 1/10, steel 1 / 7, brass 1 / 27. Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene plate density & weight is so light that it becames the first choice for many application CNC accessories of wear-resistant parts.

     Jinhang plastics, a professional UHMWPE plate manufacturer,adopting advanced technology of Tsinghua University and using 100% pure ultra-high molecular weight resin as raw material,is made by professional CNC Molding technology. According to the international agency testing, abrasion resistance, impact resistance, self-lubricating and anti-aging properties are increased more than 20%.Jinhang Plastics, with business philosophy of offering outstanding quality, satisfied customer service, benefiting customers ,is our view!

UHMWPE plate manufacturer detail