Jinhang plastic,which is a professional nylon plate manufacturer,owns many sets of nylon plate processing equipment.it is easy to make the nylon accessories more accuracy according to customers more and more requirement.

    Jinhang Plastic, which is China Engineering Plastics Industry Association governing units and a engeering industrial leader,dedicated to nylon plate(pa) R & D and manufacturing for 20 years with core technology.


    Equipped with fully automated high-strength nylon plate (pa) production line 3, jinhang plastic annual output is more than 6,000 tons.Jinhang nylon plate (pa) only adopt Baling, Shenma, Rhodia, DSM and other well-known domestic and foreign manufacturers of raw materials to ensure the top-ranked quality performance.

    Jinhang plastic new members - gantry milling that is larger size & heavy weight, it is extremely necessary to remove it from the truck with heavy duty crane, the hanging gantry milling accessories should be unloaded one by one, it takes effort more than hours finally to move the whole items to the factory.

    Jinhang Plastic specializes in the modified glass fiber nylon plate, anti-static nylon plate, flame retardant nylon plate, High-strength nylon plate and other special properties of the nylon plate in addition to ordinary nylon 6 plate, nylon 66 plate, nylon 1010 plate, mc nylon plate,offering customer at most competitive price with reliable quality.

nylon plate maufacturer detail