Jinhang plastic,with 20 years of engeering plastic research & development production and marketing experience,which is a famous manufacture of the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene sheet/rod,nylon sheet/rod,high density polyethylene sheet,synthetic ice rink board,PTFE sheet,marine fender,ground protection mat etc,is the only transfer of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene technology companies from Tsinghua University applied at synthetic ice rink board and high and new technology enterprise.
synthetic ice rink board manufacturer
     Jinhang plastic is a professional of synthetic ice rink board manufacture.with 20 years of continuous technological innovation, industrial upgrading,Jinhang has developed a three generations of different synthetic ice rink board standard which reach to the top outstanding level in the international industry,offering customer more flexible choice according to customer economic request.

synthetic ice rink board

       The first generation of synthetic ice rink board basically meet the customer need instead of real ice gliding performance,which is designed according to customer request in the end of the century with a certain wear resistance, more suitable for indoor ice rink construction.Currently,more than 80% domestic enterprise adopt the relative low cost type of synthetic ice board.

       The second generation of synthetic ice rink board is developed after 2010 for a upgrade product based on the first generation product. In addition to the basic performance of the synthetic ice rink board, the properties of hardness, self-lubricating, abrasion has been modified. The products are suitable for the construction of indoor and outdoor ice rink, the second generation synthetic ice rink board is slightly higher than the first generation cost,however;various of properties,performance has been improved obviously!

       The third generation of synthetic ice rink board is the outstanding leading products in the international market which jointly developed with Tsinghua University.the synthetic ice rink board is adopted with nano-curing and self-lubricating factor sustained-release technology,which make the Lubricity and wear resistance increased by 40%.According to the international testing agency testing,jinhang synthetic ice rink board performance has already exceed the europe and united states on various of properties.The synthetic ice rink board is also,of course,can be placed outside high temperature sunny day environment due to adopting anti-ultraviolet factor.Compared with the first and second generation ,the performance & cost-effective factor have been advanced sufficiently!


Jinhang plastic is the world leading synthetic ice rink board manufacturer with sprite of excellence, pioneering and innovation to create better products for customers . At the same time, we also look forward to hearing the customer valuable feedback for jinhang synthetic ice rink board, so that we can continue to improve progress and make you more satisfied with the products,you hearing is our greatest honor!

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