At the beginning of may, Jinhang plastics sales full wave red, orders rendered explosive growth, foreign trade are making major historical breakthrough, for this year's sound development laid a solid foundation.Among them, our Indian customers Dinesh on May 9,ordered 10 tons blue cast nylon plate/rod,sign a long-term strategic cooperation agreement.Since then, we expect the nylon plate/rod and other products in the Indian market annual sales will exceed 300 tons, consolidate the basis for developing India market.

blue cast nylon plate blue cast nylon rod

    Jinhang plastic, professional blue cast nylon plate/rod manufacturer, over the past 20 years, we constantly blaze new trails, to cater to the market, increased investment in science and technology, improve technology, cutting-edge technology introduced from abroad, strengthen the technical training, the introduction of professionals, saving energy and reducing consumption, internal tapping, scientific management, to make our nylon plate/rod always in the industry leading level, products are sold at home and abroad market, won more than 1000 customers at home and abroad long-term trust and favor, becoming the highest utilization rate in each important project, created a path across the miracle again and again, magnificent poem wrote Jinhang history.

    Jinhang plastics, as a large blue cast nylon plate manufacturer, we focus on the interests of customers, the fear of the customer pay every penny.We shall by the spirit of craftsman, excellence, in order to make more cost-effective products such as nylon plate/rod as own duty, to thank customers for our trust.

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