Jinhang plastic, is a veteran wear-resistant nylon sheet manufacturer, our strong technical strength, advanced production equipment, leading technology, product quality is stable, with high quality and good service, perfect management and win the trust of more than 1000 customers at home and abroad, become the industry well-known enterprises and leadership, become the brand of high utilization rate in each big engineering projects.

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    In recent years, with high performance processing for the miniaturization of automotive, electrical and electronic equipment, mechanical equipment lightweight process is accelerated, increasing demand for wear-resistant nylon sheet and other products.Nylon as structural material, especially on its strength, heat resistance, cold resistance and so on comprehensive higher requirements are put forward.

    Jinhang plastic, high quality wear-resistant nylon sheet manufacturers, we have acute sense of smell to the huge demand from emerging markets, decisive to reinforce scientific research, increase science and technology research and development spending, the introduction of Germany advanced technology, reference to domestic and international numerous excellent technology, perfect the improvement of technical craft, through trial and error experiment, finally made to meet the needs of the emerging industry performance more perfect wear-resistant nylon products, thus laid a head start for our emerging markets were occupied, and made significant progress since late last year, sales have multiple geometric growth, let us see a brighter future.car plastic parts

    Jinhang plastic, our wear-resistant nylon sheet in the emerging industry, the product has the following incomparable advantages

(1) our wear-resistant nylon sheet joining nano factor solidification technology, high strength, can the load for a long time;

(2) the good resilience, able to bending and deformation, and can keep toughness, resistance to repeated shock;

(3) we added to the raw material of the sole self lubricating factor technology, wear-resistant and self-lubrication increase by more than 30%, provides superior to bronze cast iron, carbon steel and phenolic laminate in oil-free lubrication applications (or deoiling) performance, reduce consumption, save energy;

(4) noise absorption, shock absorption, our wear-resistant nylon sheet, it is much less than metal plate modulus of vibration attenuation, provides better than metal practical way to prevent noise;

(5) compared with the metal, our wear-resistant nylon sheet hardness is low, no damage on grinding;

(6) our wear-resistant nylon sheet used in the following environment and medium limited:

A, use the temperature over 120 ℃ for a long time;

B, acid, phenol, sodium chlorate, barium chloride, etc.

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