Indian customers earlier order our 10 tons of MC nylon plate/rod, the line on May 16th, a three-day business trip and visit to our company, for nylon is very satisfied with the quality of the product to our company, for our technical strength and corporate philosophy highly appreciated, for our height shall be fully affirmation, the rigorous work style and placed two a total of more than 20 tons of green MC nylon plate/bar orders.19 th, the Indian customers to return to Shanghai, and take photos with our foreign trade manager in Anyang Dong Rail Station.

Indian customer

    Jinhang plastic, well-known MC nylon plate manufacturer in China, we have 20 years of experience in research and development production, is, stable quality, reasonable price, excellent nylon plate manufacturers representatives.Our nylon plate adopts advanced technology from Germany, 100% pure new nylon resin as raw materials, through strict process control, ensure storage of MC nylon plate/bar qualification rate of 100%, has won more than 1300 customers trust and favor at home and abroad to leap nylon sales year after year growth, become the industry a shining star.

    Jinhang plastic, high quality MC nylon plate manufacturers, we keep pace with The Times, pioneering and innovative, keep improving, to make better quality for the customer the product with lower price, don't live up to what our customers for our great trust.We firmly believe that only our continuous efforts, and constantly meet the higher needs of customers and create more value for customers, can make us win more and more customers approval, can be in an impregnable position in the increasingly fierce competition, become "evergreen" in the industry!

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