Jinhang Plastics, a prominent Chinese synthetic ice rink manufacturer, the only manufacturer of tsinghua university synthetic ice rink core technology, we have 20 years experience in r&d and production of synthetic ice sheet, now we have three generations of synthetic ice sheet products independent innovation technology in the forefront of The Times, the quality has reached the world's top level.

   In the face of domestic snow and ice movement of the boom in recent years, and xi jinping of general secretary, suggested that leading 300 million people participate in snow and ice project, synthetic ice products also ushered in the unprecedented development opportunity.Jinhang plastics, as the representative of the domestic high quality synthetic ice rink manufacturer to promote rapid development invested a great deal of confidence and passion, contributing to fully support the 2022 Beijing winter Olympics are our strength.

synthetic ice rink

    Synthetic ice rink, just as its name implies is a kind of relative to the real ice rink instead of products, the use is a kind of high-tech polymer materials to reduce cost of ice, the decrease of daily operation and maintenance cost.So, Jinhang plastics, the professional synthetic ice rink manufacturer, tells you the simulation of the synthetic ice rink to compare the actual real ice rink to have the unmatchable advantage.

Synthetic ice rink vs real ice rink


Synthetic ice rink

Real ice rink

Manufacture principle

The UHMWPE material is made from the complex process and design of high-tech materials

The cooling of the surface through the cooling facility and other devices

Site requirements

Any flat field, size is available

The infrastructure requires strict power distribution

 Investment cost

About 580USD per square meter, about a quarter of the total investment in the ice skating rink

Depending on the scale, total investment is between 1.2-2.2 million USD

Skating feeling

95% similarity to the high quality real ice

High quality ice feels comfortable,low quality is not as good as synthetic ice

Daily cleaning

Be flexible and clean according to your needs

Every three to four hours, the ice will be swept and the water will be rehydrated

Environmental protection

No toxic and harmful gases can be recycled

Freon and other refrigerant and high power refrigeration equipment

Technical personnel

No professional technicians

There needs to be a number of technicians

Energy consumption

In addition to illume, basically no, compared to true ice energy saves 180 thousand USD every year

Lots of refrigeration and ventilation

A lot of ice water

Operation maintenance

Only wax and other maintenance are required

 the daily operation management cost is more than 70% more than the real ice

In addition to the daily maintenance of the ice, the maintenance of equipment such as refrigeration is required

The construction cycle

 About two weeks

several months

Service life period

10 years or so

The maintenance situation varies for several years

    Through the above comparison, we can clearly see that the synthetic ice rink has many incomparable advantages compared with the real ice rink, the synthetic ice sheet comprehensive application, for promoting the ice and snow sports has a positive and profound significance, to drive the rapid development of snow and ice project has a strong boost.Jinhang plastic, is willing to work with snow and ice project with the development of China, will continue to improve our product performance, improve the technology, provide more cost-effective products to our clients.At the same time, we also welcome the valuable Suggestions from our customers, which will be our great driving force!

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