With the coming of the 2022 Beijing winter Olympics, China has seen an unprecedented ice and snow fever in recent years.Synthetic ice rink, with its low cost, convenient installation, green environmental protection, construction operation maintenance cost is extremely low, numerous advantages of more than 95% performance close to the true ice, became a kind of alternative really ice ice field advantage products, with incalculable market prospect and economic benefit.

synthetic ice rink

    Jinhang plastics, tsinghua university synthetic ice rink project joint development enterprise, tsinghua university, the core of the synthetic ice sheet is the only enterprise.Our third generation synthetic ice sheet USES the German advanced technology, using 100% UHMWPE resin as raw material, add exclusive nano solidify and self lubricating factor slow-release technology, making by large-scale numerical control equipment.Jinhang plastic, the professional synthetic ice rink manufacturer. Our synthetic ice sheet by the international authoritative organization detection performance, wear resistance and self-lubrication increase by more than 30%, the service life of the product increased by more than 50%, the overall product performance has reached the international top level.

    Jinhang plastic, high quality synthetic ice rink manufacturer, as a result of our synthetic ice sheet super self lubrication and wear resistance, make our synthetic ice sheet single surface life to reach more than 10 years.Because the ice sheet can be used on both sides, buy our simulation ice rink, and invest in it at least 20 years of high returns!

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