Jinhang plastic is a professional engineering plastics manufacturer with 20 years' production and development of glass filled nylon sheet and other products.Our company glass filled nylon sheet, in the pure new nylon resin raw materials add 10% to 50% of the glass fiber, adopt German advanced technology and the exclusive technical formula, through large CNC molding machine or extrusion machine.

Jinhang plastic, high quality glass filled nylon sheet manufacturer, our glass filled nylon sheet, is a kind of performance is greatly improved nylon sheet, the product in addition to keep the ordinary nylon sheet light weight, high strength, self-lubricating, wear-resistant, anti-corrosion, insulation and so on at the same time, the performance of the heat resistance, strength, stiffness and creep resistance and dimensional stability, wear-resisting performance has improved greatly, mainly used in chemical machinery, anticorrosive equipment, wearing parts, transmission structure, in the field of auto parts, etc.

glass filled nylon sheet

In recent years, with the rapid development of railway accessories, the comprehensive performance of light weight, small thickness, high wear resistance, corrosion resistance and radiation protection has been put forward.Our 3 mm glass filled nylon sheet, lubricity and wear resistance is the traditional metal rail accessories dozens of times, weighs as much as 1/6 of the metal rail accessories, perfect match, high cost-effective, to make our glass filled nylon sheet become the international market to be bestowed favor on newly ", has been exported to West Asia, Europe more than a dozen countries and regions, has realized the good momentum of rapid efficient development of the international market, realize the leapfrog growth miracle, compose magnificent poem for the development of the company!

Famous glass filled nylon sheet manufacturers, Jinhang plastic refined and innovative, constantly creating better products for customers is our historical mission.We firmly believe that only in the spirit of craftsman continuously enterprising, solve problems for customers, creating benefits, can not live up to what our customers for our great trust, and eternal life in the cruel market competition.

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