Jinhang plastics is a 20 years experience in research and development of UHMWPE sheet manufacturers, our wear-resistant UHMWPE sheet has high wear resistance, self-lubrication, impact resistant, corrosion resistant, and other good performance, and used the domestic and foreign well-known virgin material through large CNC press machine to making, with high quality and high cost-effective win more than 1300 customers trust, become the wear resistant UHMWPE sheet industry "bright star".

Mohsen, an Italian customer, is a well-known dealer of European UHMWPE sheet. After nearly two months of online communication, customer have high expectations for our company and our products.On October 25, 2018,Italian customer Mohsen and his colleage Miss Bai,formal business visit to our company.Based on our raw material workshop, workshop, production workshop, machining workshop and on-site inspection, believe our products quality, leading technology, strong ability to machining, 20 tons of wear resistance of UHMWPE sheet order intention on the spot, and will be the exclusive agency for our European and promotion of our products more widely to Europe, let more customers use the good products.

Jinhang Plastics  is grateful to the Italian customers for their high recognition and trust. In the face of customers, only by making our products better and creating greater value for customers,live up customers’ trust.