Henan Jinhang Engineering Plastics Co.,Ltd. , China famous ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene board factory, has in the past 2018 years, the company increased greatly and the breakthrough in the work, good marketing is to achieve sustained high growth trend of domestic sale and export sale, here we to the company all staff's hard work to give sincere thanks!

UHMWPE board manufacturer

The year 2019 is coming, and the Spring Festival is coming.Jinhang Plastics, UHMWPE board manufacturer, fighting innovation, hard work is the core of our corporate culture, looking ahead to 2019, we will not stay in the past achievements smug, instead we want feet on the ground, progress, adhere to the good successful experience, summarize insufficient communication and need to improve, thus in a more positive energy with full enthusiasm into the work in 2019, for it again in 2019 to lay the good foundation.

In order to carry out the work well in 2019, on January 30, 2019, Jinhang Plastics (UHMWPE wear-resistant board manufacturer) convened sales, production and technical elite personnel, and solemnly invited Jiangsu Runfu company manager Zhang to jointly hold the business exchange meeting in 2019.The business communication through active communication, has achieved very good results with big harvest, Especially in Jiangsu Runfu manager Zhang of the sales experience sharing and guidance to our business personnel, not only let us sales staff confidence, more let us see only the transformation idea, looking for a way, set goals, have the courage to challenge to achieve the final success.All staff of Jinhang Plastics would like to express our sincere thanks to Mr. Zhang.

UHMWPE wear-resistant board

Jinhang Plastics, through the successful holding of 2019 business exchange meeting, we firmly believe that we will achieve better development and performance in 2019, at the same time, we will also unswervingly for the majority of users to produce high-quality, cost-effective UHMWPE board, HDPE board, nylon board and other products, for customers, employees, the society to create greater value!